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The following web sites are intended to help you educate yourself about pet health and general pet care. If you have an educational pet site you'd like to share, let us know and we will add the site to our list to share with other pet owners.

Educational Resources

Breeds of Dogs
A quick guide to different breeds and their characteristics.

Cat Fanciers' Association
Lots of pictures of different cat breeds, cat care tips, and cat show information.

Need Help Choosing A Puppy
All the things to think about before you go pick out that new puppy.

American Kennel Club
Breeds, Events, Registration, and Recognized Breeders.

Pet Birds
Lots of basic bird care tips and pictures.

Pet Ferrets
The American Ferret Association offers great tips on the care of pet ferrets.

Pet Rabbits, and Other Small Mammals
This site lets you select your particular small pet and gives plenty of loving, caring tips for their care. 

Snake and Reptile Care
Practical care tips on giving your reptile the right conditions in which to prosper. 

The Marine Mammal Center
Are you also interested in marine mammals and their environment?  A great site to see what marine mammals are being rescued or to help save the nearly extinct Hawaiian Monk Seal.

Hill's Pet Food
A good source for dog and cat care articles on wellness through nutrition, including prescription diet product information.