Charlottesville Animal Health Care - Old Dominion Animal Hospital

Mission Statement

Old Dominion Animal Hospital Charlottesville - Charlottesville VeterinariansOld Dominion Animal Hospital in Charlottesville is proud to have cared for pets since 1982. We offer individualized animal health care and the personalized attention that you and your companion animals deserve. We enjoy getting to know you, your family, and your pets. We believe this special attention sets our veterinary clinic apart and allows us to provide the best possible care for our patients.

Our highly trained, motivated, and caring veterinary staff combined with state-of-the-art medical equipment enables us to provide exceptional pet care. Our Charlottesville animal hospital offers full medical, surgical, and emergency care for all companion animals, including birds and exotic pets.

We focus on pet wellness and preventive pet care. When animal medical needs come up we are prepared with sophisticated diagnostics including our in-house animal hospital laboratory, pet ultrasound, and our new digital radiography services for even faster results. We have full veterinary surgical capabilities including laser surgery for pets, soft tissue surgery, and orthopedic repair. All our pet patients receive pulse monitoring and the safest anesthetics.

Why Choose Us?

WE GIVE BACK TO OUR COMMUNITY. While providing the highest quality pet health care and personalized patient attention that you and your pets deserve is our goal, we also work to provide more free and discounted veterinary services to local shelters and rescue groups than any other Charlottesville animal hospital. Choosing Old Dominion Animal Hospital as your Charlottesville veterinarian ensures our ability to help these needy pet rescue organizations. By choosing us - You're giving back too.

WE ARE A FAMILY OWNED CHARLOTTESVILLE ANIMAL HOSPITAL SINCE 1982. Dr. Wood's wife and children have been a part of our animal hospital right from the beginning. His daughter, Meredith, has returned after graduating from ODU and works as the hospital's office manager. Dr Wood's son, Garrett, graduated from Virginia Tech's Veterinary School in May 2013 and has joined the practice as a full-time veterinarian.

WE PROMOTE PROFESSIONALISM AMOUNG OUR VETERINARY TEAM AND PROVIDE VETERINARY CAREER POSITIONS WITH BENEFITS. Our full-time veterinary staff members are part of an employer matched retirement program and receive completely employer paid health insurance. In this time of health care change, we want to be sure our animal hospital team members have excellent health coverage. We believe our benefits help retain pet care team members who will provide exceptional service to our clients and amazing care to pets. A happy, healthy staff leads to happy, healthy pets.

WE MAKE STRONG EFFORTS TO MAKE OUR VETERINARY PRACTICE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. Let's leave the world a little better than we found it. We recycle printer cartridges for The Companion Animal Fund and so by keeping them out of the landfill - we raise money to help needy animals. Our veterinary staff makes weekly trips to local recycling centers in an effort to cut down on waste. We obey all environmental laws with respect to medical waste. We want to make Charlottesville a better place to live.

WE VALUE THE DIVERSITY THAT LIVING IN CHARLOTTESVILLE NEAR THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA PROVIDES. Clients from all over the world and from all walks of life are not uncommon for our Charlottesville Animal Hospital. We appreciate how amazing that is. Fortunately, some of our staff speaks Spanish and can help when translations are necessary. (Se habla Espanol.) We also recognize that the "traditional" American family has changed. Please know we are happy to work with you as your family situation shifts over time. You can rely on our veterinary staff. We realize that your pets are family and we understand that special bond.

WE HAVE VETERINARIANS WHO CALL YOU BACK AND PERSONALLY DISCHARGE THEIR PET PATIENTS. We believe that part of offering personalized veterinary care means you can actually speak to your pet's veterinarian when you feel it is important. Your vet is available to you. If you leave your pet with us for treatment, your veterinarian will talk with you, answer questions, and discharge your pet.

WE BELIEVE WE HAVE THE FRIENDLIEST, MOST CARING VETERINARY STAFF ANYWHERE. Treating your pet means treating them like family. We care about you and your pet's health, and being friendly is just part of who we are. Our entire veterinary team is available to help you with your pet's specific needs.

WE PROVIDE THE HIGHEST QUALITY VET CARE POSSIBLE. We achieve this by offering clients the best quality veterinary care and service available. We empower you, the pet owner, with a thorough education to enable you to make the best possible animal health decisions for your pet. We have outfitted our animal hospital with the latest equipment and we provide continuing education opportunities for our vet team members in an effort to keep their knowledge and skill level as high as possible.