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Veterinary Medical Care

Old Dominion Animal Hospital is a Veterinary Clinic in Charlottesville, Virginia

Old Dominion Animal Hospital is prepared to meet all of your medical pet care needs at our Charlottesville veterinary clinic. Our veterinarians provide the best preventative care possible to ensure the health of your pet and provide continued comfort when medical issues can arise. We are prepared to your pet, when necessary, and our new digital radiographic equipment which provides us with extremely clear, precise results, quickly. Our in-house laboratory allows us to make veterinary diagnostics in our Charlottesville pet clinic with fast and accurate blood testing.

The expertise of our trained vet hospital staff will help guide you through veterinary emergencies and provide the best possible care for your pets in a time of crisis. Old Dominion Animal Hospital also provides conscientious follow-up care for veterinary traumas and emergencies. Our Charlottesville veterinary clinic features a Separate Isolation Room for animals with infectious diseases, so that they may be quarantined and monitored. Old Dominion Animal Hospital also maintains state of the art veterinary equipment, and our experienced staff is ready to offer you the finest veterinary care. Advanced oncology treatments and relationships with many veterinary medical specialists are just a few of the extra efforts we make to care for your pets, and our in-house Charlottesville veterinary pharmacy can quickly fill your pet's prescription. We also offer an on-line pharmacy for your convenience.