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Old Dominion Animal Hospital - Offering Veterinary Care to the Companion Animal FundOn April 15th, 2013 Old Dominion Animal Hospital helped the Companion Animal Fund and Voices For Animals to spay their 10,000th cat!

Ginger, a little calico, was the special little kitty honored as the 10,000th cat spayed in the program. Bubbles, her tabby brother, was neutered (becoming the 10,001st kitty!), and Oscar, another male, was also neutered (10,002nd!), but was unavailable for comment.

Old Dominion Animal Hospital in Charlottesville is a proud provider for the Companion Animal Fund!
The Companion Animal Fund at Old Dominion Animal Hospital, Charlottesville

Thanks to all the donors, and to Dr. Wood and Voices For Animals for enabling so many pets to live better, healthier lives!

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Pets Available For Adoption At Old Dominion Animal Hospital
We often have pets at our Charlottesville animal hospital that are up for adoption. Some are animals whose previous owners could not keep them, some were simply abandoned, and others are from Charlottesville area rescue groups. Please check with us frequently or call 971-3500 if you are looking to adopt a new pet.

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Charlottesville Community Service Groups
Old Dominion Animal Hospital is committed to assisting Charlottesville SPCAs and Rescue Groups in the area with much needed veterinary care. We believe that our responsibility to help Charlottesville's animals extends to those without caring homes.

We offer medical and surgical veterinary assistance on a daily basis at our Charlottesville vet clinic by providing low-cost treatment and surgeries to animals in Charlottesville foster care organizations. It is our hope that healthy, spayed and neutered pets will have a much better chance of finding permanent homes. We are proud to support these hard-working, local Charlottesville pet organizations:

Do you know of a non-profit that needs our help? E-mail us to recommend them. Thanks.

Companion Animal Fund (CAF)

The Companion Animal Fund was established by Dr. Charles Wood in 2005 and is maintained by The Charlottesville Area Community Foundation. Their mission is to sustain a perpetual trust for the continuing care of neglected and almost forgotten animals. Now, even small Charlottesville animal rescue groups with limited funds will be able to gain vital support for their work through tax-deductible contributions to The Companion Animal Fund. Now there will always be a place for animals in need in the Charlottesville area.

To learn more about the Companion Animal Fund or to make a donation to their pet rescue efforts in the Charlottesville area, please visit their website at:

Old Dominion Animal Hospital is now helping the environment and helping animals by recycling toner and printer cartridges. Collect them from your home or office and bring them to Old Dominion Animal Hospital in Charlottesville to help raise money for the Companion Animal Fund. Thank you for helping Charlottesville animal shelters!