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Old Dominion Animal Hospital in Charlottesville offers International Animal Health Certificates for travelling abroad

International Health Certificates

Dr. Charles Wood and Dr. Garrett Wood have been through the National Veterinary Accreditation process and are authorized to issue your pets an International Health Certificate at Old Dominion Animal Hospital, should you be traveling abroad. Most countries, including those of the European Union, now have veterinary health certificates that are specific to their particular country. Please be aware that you may need to start planning, locating specific forms, and getting your pet's paperwork in order months before you are actually planning on traveling. Vaccinations, microchip identification, blood work and titers may all need to done before your certificate can be processed. Call us at our Charlottesville pet clinic as soon as you know you are going to travel and we will try and help you as much as possible.

The veterinary health certificate should include the results of a complete physical from your Charlottesville veterinarian and state that the pet is healthy and free of parasites. The certificate must also include all vaccination records for your pet, including the type, the manufacturer, and the batch number of the vaccine. Rabies shots must be given at least 30 days prior to travel, but not more than 12 months before travel. Many countries do not recognize the three year rabies vaccine, and so your pet may need a rabies booster even though the three year vaccine has not expired.

Please call Old Dominion Animal Hospital at 434-971-3500 ahead of time and our veterinarians will make traveling with your pet as safe and worry-free as possible. All European Union countries, and many other countries as well, now require not only an international veterinary health certificate signed by your accredited veterinarian, but also an official USDA Certification Stamp. Your Charlottesville vet can assist you with processing the forms, you can drive to Richmond, or you can mail the original completed and signed health certificate directly, with the appropriate fees, to the USDA Area Office in Virginia where they will endorse and stamp it. For your convenience the Virginia Area Office address and phone number are listed below:

Area Veterinarian-in-Charge
400 North 8th Street, Suite 726
Richmond, Virginia 23219-4824
Phone 804 -343-2560