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Vets in Charlottesville, VA - Old Dominion Animal Hospital: General Pet Health Care Links
Photo by Bernkastel

Old Dominion Animal Hospital in Charlottesville has compiled the following list of web sites that share great information on general animal health care. Please let us know if there is a web site you would like to see on this list, and we will share them with our veterinary patients on this page.

General Pet Health Information

Heartworm Disease
The American Heartworm Society site is a great place to help you understand heartworm disease.

Cat Health Tips
The American Association of Feline Practitioners offers cat health care information.

Pet Dental Health
Great site for dental information from our dental referral specialist, Dr. Ed Taylor.

ASPCA Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants
This list contains plants that have been reported as having systemic effects on animals and/or intense effects on the gastrointestinal tract - pictures included!