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Nutritional Guidance

Old Dominion Animal Hospital, a Veterinary Hospital in Charlottesville, VANutrition is one of the most important factors in maintaining your pet's good health. Old Dominion Animal Hospital can help you find the right diet for your pet's particular age and lifestyle. If your pet is not healthy or energetic, one of the easiest things to do to allow our Charlottesville veterinarians help to get your pet on a proper diet.

Our vets are happy to examine your pet and evaluate her nutritional needs. Old Dominion Animal Hospital's experienced veterinarians will help you maintain an ideal weight for your pet and avoid health issues. More than 50% of pets over three years of age are over weight, and simply by maintaining your pet at their proper weight you can increase your pet's lifespan by two years. Many gastrointestinal diseases as well as many skin allergies have a nutritional component to them - even ear infections are often caused by diet issues. At Old Dominion Animal Hospital, our veterinarians encourage you to discuss any of these health problems with us at your next visit to our Charlottesville animal hospital. We'll be happy to offer nutritional guidance.

Old Dominion Animal Hospital is also pleased to offer a wide range of prescription and holistic veterinary diets for your pets including: Hill's, Purina, Royal Canin Hypo-Allergenic, and Aunt Jeni's Home Made All Natural Raw Diet. We try to keep a wide variety of products in stock, but we are also happy to order any of our products especially for your pet.