Charlottesville Animal Health Care - Old Dominion Animal Hospital

Hospital Policies

Appointment Policy
Our vet visits are by appointment to allow ample time for all our patient's needs. Surgical procedures are scheduled as well. We do offer scheduled Drop-Off Services and are pleased to treat your pets during the day while you are busy. Only procedures authorized by you will be performed and your veterinarian will be available to speak with you when your pet is discharged.

House Calls
Our vets and staff are available to make house calls by appointment. We realize that sometimes individual circumstances make it difficult to bring your pets in to the hospital. We will do our best to meet your needs and make visits to your pets in your home.

Payment Policy
Full payment for our veterinary services must be made at the time our services are rendered at our Charlottesville Animal Hospital. We will gladly advise you on anticipated costs for the care of your pets. We accept payment by Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and CareCredit.

Old Dominion Animal Hospital in Charlottesville

Visiting Policy
Old Dominion Animal Hospital operates under an Open Door Policy. We feel it is your right to visit your pet and witness the care they receive while undergoing treatment in our Charlottesville animal hospital. You may visit your pet at any time during our regular hospital hours.

Privacy Policy
This is the Private Web Site of Old Dominion Animal Hospital. We are dedicated to maintaining the privacy of our clients, our patients, and all others who visit our site.

We do not collect or give out any information to any third party vendors or internet businesses. No information will ever be disclosed to outside parties from us or from our web site hosting company at

Your privacy is protected in our animal hospital as well. At no time will our veterinary staff give out information about a client or a pet without owner's consent.