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Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment and Diagnotics at Old Dominion Animal Hospital, A Charlottesville Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary Ultrasound

At Old Dominion Animal Hospital, we are proud to have a Sound Technologies Ultrasound System. This veterinary Ultrasound system uses the most innovative technology and is an all-digital color ultrasound machine with power and spectral Doppler, a CD ROM for imaging and archiving, and has wireless capabilities.

The reason our Charlottesville veterinarians consider the ultrasound to be critical is simple: veterinary ultrasound offers a non-invasive, non-painful method for diagnosing many diseases in your pet. It uses sound waves to penetrate your pet's internal organs rather than the radiation used a typical x-ray. Veterinary ultrasound allows the veterinarians at Old Dominion Animal Hospital to visualize internal structures within your pet. Organs that are difficult to see on plain film radiographs can easily be seen with veterinary ultrasound. Internal abnormalities such as nodules, masses, cysts, and abscesses can been seen, identified and measured. Veterinary ultrasound can also be used to detect pregnancy.

The veterinary ultrasound at Old Dominion Animal Hospital is also an invaluable tool in the diagnosis of heart disease in your pet. It allows us to see the organs as they are functioning, using real time echocardiography to allow the veterinarians at our pet clinic see the heart in motion. From these images, measurements can be made of cardiac contractility, wall thickness, blood flow dynamics, and valvular integrity.

A typical veterinary ultrasound examination requires no tranquilization or anesthesia. Prior fasting or water withholding is therefore not necessary, and the entire scanning process takes our Charlottesville veterinarians only 30 - 40 minutes. The Old Dominion Animal Hospital veterinary ultrasound has a lap top component as well, so it is mobile and can be moved throughout our Charlottesville vet clinic as needed to make the imaging process easier on your pet. Once the images are acquired on the monitor of the veterinary ultrasound machine, they can be saved on a CD for later viewing. The images can also be digitally transferred to a board certified internal medicine veterinary specialist when a quick, critical consultation is necessary.

At Old Dominion Animal Hospital, our Charlottesville veterinarians strive to provide a knowledgeable veterinary staff and the most up to date veterinary services available. On this basis, our pet hospital veterinarians feel the veterinary ultrasound allows us to continue to offer you the best possible care for your pet.