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Veterinary Digital Radiography

Old Dominion Animal Hospital is pleased to be equipped with the latest and highest quality digital x-ray equipment available at our Charlottesville veterinary clinic. This advanced system lets our veterinarians offer improved pet health care through better image quality. Veterinary digital radiography refers to taking x-ray images without using film. Conventional radiographic cassettes and x-ray film have Old Dominion Animal Hospital in Charltotesville - Veterinary Digital X-raybeen replaced by a digital imaging sensor, allowing our veterinarians to take an image that immediately appears on a computer screen. The processing step of developing radiographs is eliminated, so that our staff of veterinary medicine professionals can see right away if more images are necessary or if the pet needs to be repositioned. The sensors in veterinary digital radiography are very sensitive and can be adjusted on the computer screen, requiring fewer retakes. Fewer retakes means less radiation exposure for our staff and less radiation exposure for your pet.

Old Dominion Animal Hospital uses what is called Direct Digital Radiography (DR) and has Flat Panel Detectors affixed to the veterinary x-ray table. This technology is primarily used on humans because it performs very well. The advantages of such a system are significant, and we are proud to be able to offer this effective tool to our equipment at our Charlottesville animal hospital.